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“In her rich and heartfelt sophomore novel, Ewen (Walk Back the Cat) bases the story line on her grandmother’s life as a missionary’s wife in the 1920s in what is now Thailand. Barbara is a gifted opera protégé who gives up her dreams when she marries Harvey Perkins, a medical doctor bound for Siam. Feeling […]

It’s 1919 and a young bride questions herself as to whether or not she has made a mistake to come to Siam with her doctor husband. The author, Pamela Binnings Ewen, tells a beautiful story in The Moon In The Mango Tree, a fictionalized version of her grandmother’s life. Starting in Philadelphia it takes us […]

This book [The Moon in the Mango Tree] is riveting, and an interesting study of a woman finding herself. I thought she ignored many chances to find some fulfillment and be happier, tho. Yes she ran into obstacles in Nan because of the stern people she encountered but I think a stronger woman would have […]

Living at the peak of the women’s movement in the Roaring Twenties, Barbara is torn between following her dreams to study and perform opera and her love for a man. Choosing her love leads her to the other side of the world to the jungles of Siam where her husband serves as a missionary doctor […]

“A captivating story set in the 1920’s about a young woman as she embarks on a new phase in her life. Ewen tells the story through the eyes of this young woman, vividly describing her feelings and perceptions of the challenges and choices she must make as a new bride. As the story unfolds one […]