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Christy’s Book Blog calls Lookin’ Back, Texas by Leanna Ellis, “A startling look at the damage a lie can do to a marriage and a life . . . Ellis has a real ear for dialogue making it zing with humor and cut with truth. Advertisements

“Forsaken did not turn out to be the book I thought it would be . . . it turned out to be BETTER . . . This story is about much more than Muslim terrorists. It’s about genuine faith, forgiveness, and secrets from the past that need to come into God’s light.” –A Peek at […]

“Quirky yet powerfully emotional. Amy’s mother is outrageous, but it is also poignant how her daughter strives to understand her. This novel is a gem for all women’s fiction lovers!” —Camy Tang, author of Only Uni and Single Sashimi

“This book captured me from the first page! In every way, it’s a keeper—from the eloquent writing to the rich cast of characters that breathe life into this coming-of-age tale. But it’s more than just a story about growing up; it’s about life and loss, love and forgiveness, and discovering that there is more to […]

“Few stories are able to balance both the crushing cost of sin and the transforming power of grace. The Queen of Sleepy Eye succeeds brilliantly. The author invites us on a journey with complex characters so real that we cry when they fail and rejoice when they reveal brilliant glimpses of God at work in […]

“The Queen of Sleepy Eye is written with exquisite depth of character . . . a fantastic story.” —Hannah Alexander, author of the Hideaway series

“Christian fiction is coming out of the box, and leading the way are authors such as John B. Olson. His soon to be released thriller takes the genre of suspense and supernatural fiction to an entirely new level, and it works . . . This isn’t one for the ‘Big Honkin’ Chicken Club,’ but if […]

“Shade is chock full of action, terror, mind games and tender emotion . . . I am more than a little intrigued with where (author) John B. Olson will take this series.” RelzReviewz

“From its stunning first scene to its heartwarming last, Shade is a striking tale of mystery and danger that kept me hooked. This is Olson’s finest work yet, and reading it, one gets the feeling he’s just getting warmed up.” –Robin Parrish, author of Relentless and Merciless

“Warning: Awaken the Dragon may cause you to lose sleep. Aikman brings a profound knowledge of China to this tale about how widening social fissures might combine with regressive religious movements to challenge the authority of the current regime.” —G. Wright Doyle, Ph.D., China Institute of Virginia