Reggie McNeal Endorses Breaking the Discipleship Code


“The only way to have a missional church is to have missional people in it.  Period.  In this engaging volume David Putman gives wonderful insight into not just describing what missional people look like, but how they get that way.  Breaking the Discipleship Code is a great devotional aid for your own personal growth as well as a conversation starter for your group to chart a missional path.”

Reggie McNeal
Leadership Network
Author of Get a Life!


One Response to “Reggie McNeal Endorses Breaking the Discipleship Code”

  1. If you read the Book of acts then you did notice that the emphasis on the Holy Spirit, and distributing money, food to the local poor people was part of the reason the churches next were so popular and growing. While in contrast today many Chruches. pastors, members, adherents, are selfish cheapskates.

    Secondly all pastors, elders, ministers should be called specifically for their Ministry directly by God. Most of them today have not been called for the ministry, for they are hirelings.

    True pastors, elders, ministers would firstly daily read their Bible for one hour and pray daily for others.

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