Archive for September, 2008 has posted an enthusiastic review of T. L. Higley‘s new novel, City of the Dead. It says: “Story teller par excellence, T.L. HIGLEY transports the reader into the revived world of Ancient Egypt within the City of the Dead. Hemiunu or Hemi, is the main character of this exciting read.  As the main architect […]

TitleTrakk has posted a great review of award-winning author Jamie Carie‘s second novel, The Duchess and the Dragon. It says: “The Duchess and the Dragon stands head and shoulders above the crowd of others in its genre. Here, you will not find sappy saints prancing about and having all issues resolved with a kiss. In […]

CBA Retailers & Resources has reviewed John B. Olson‘s new supernatural thriller Shade. The review says: “Shade is a story that will captivate your imagination and make you wonder about things that go bump in the night! . . . I’d recommend this intriguing story of romance and supernatural intrigue to all who enjoy a […]

Novel Review has posted an enthusiastic account of Forsaken, the new novel by James David Jordan wherein a popular televangelist is faced with a seemingly impossible ultimatum: to renounce his Christian beliefs on international television in order to free his daughter who has been kidnapped by Muslin extremists. “I found myself holding my breath . […]

The Great Separation has posted a review of David Aikman‘s novel, Awaken the Dragon, calling the action-based story of a U.S. news correspondent in China who crosses paths with the underground Church “a great read.” The review continues “Aikman does an incredible job of embedding Chinese culture, politics, religious, and the underground Church in an […]

RelzReviewz has posted a review and interview for James David Jordan‘s acclaimed new novel, Forsaken. The site declares: “I have read many enthralling suspense novels, enjoyed meaningful love stories and delved into books that challenge my thinking and purpose but never has a novel combined all three elements, and with such adeptness, as Forsaken. (This) […]

Daniel L. Akin, president of The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, has endorsed The Shape of Faith to Come, a new book by Brad J. Waggoner. He says: “The Shape of Faith to Come is a wake up call for the Church of the Lord Jesus. The fact that many Christians fail to think like a […]

RelzReviewz has posted an enthusiastic review of John B. Olson‘s new supernatural thriller, Shade: “Be prepared to bend your mind in more ways than one as you delve into the harrowing journey of Hailey, Melchi and their battle with evil. Shade is chock full of action, terror, mind games and tender emotion as John B […]

The Christian Manifesto gives John B. Olson‘s new supernatural thriller, Shade, a great review, saying: “John B. Olson offers up a fresh and surreal tale beautifully set in the streets of San Francisco. On the surface Shade is a mysterious tale laced with vampire themes and supernatural thrills. However, just when we think we know […]

According to new research, 70 percent of 18 to 22 year-old Americans are leaving the church. A new book coauthored by Thom S. Rainer, president of LifeWay Christian Resources, explains why they leave and how to bring them back. “I did not see church as essential to my life,” says one young man interviewed for […]