The Love Dare hits New York Times best-seller list

The Love Dare debuts on The New York Times best-seller list
Marriage book from FIREPROOF film opens at #1 on advice/how-to paperback chart
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (October 14, 2008) – The Love Dare debuted at #1 on The New York Times advice, how-to and miscellaneous paperback best-seller list on October 12.
The B&H Publishing Group book, a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love, is the primary plot device in FIREPROOF. The Provident Films/Sherwood Pictures release starring Kirk Cameron was made for $500,000 and has surprised Hollywood by taking in $13.5 million at theaters since it opened on September 26.
Alex and Stephen Kendrick, who co-wrote FIREPROOF and directed and produced the film respectively, authored The Love Dare based on an idea they wrote into the movie’s script. Cameron plays a firefighter who must learn how to rescue his own marriage by reading through a handmade 40-day book from his father called The Love Dare. Each day brings a new “dare” to live by: love is patient; love is thoughtful; love is honorable; love fulfills dreams, etc.
Early FIREPROOF screenings nationwide led to one overriding question from men and women alike: “Where can I get The Love Dare?” There are 600,000 copies of the book already in print.
Evidence of The Love Dare’s impact is readily available at where married people are already creating online journals to document their journey through the “love dare” process. This free service in turn encourages others who are taking the love dare.
“I’ve just returned from watching FIREPROOF . . . what an incredible movie!” writes one site visitor. “I am going out now to purchase the book and thought that keeping a blog of my 40 days would be a great way to document what I learn, and to share it with others.”
Journaling about day three of the journey (Love Is Not Selfish; “buy your spouse something that says ‘I was thinking of you today’”), another Love Dare participant says: “It gave me so much joy to hear my wife sounding happy . . . (she) has the best smile in the world and I am going (to) do all that I can to see it everyday.”
The Love Dare is available now in paperback (ISBN 978-0-8054-4885-6, $14.99). A keepsake simulated leather edition will arrive in 2009 to coincide with the release of FIREPROOF on DVD. The Spanish edition, El Desafío del Amor, hits stores this December 15.
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B&H Publishing Group is best known for books by Beth Moore (Praying God’s Word), Henry Blackaby (Experiencing God), and Vicki Courtney (TeenVirtue) and for developing the Holman Christian Standard Bible™ translation and its related products including The Apologetics Study Bible. The company also published Oliver North’s recent New York Times bestseller, American Heroes, and is a leading producer of church supplies and Spanish Bibles.

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