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“If you are looking for an encouraging read for the holiday season, The Shape of Faith to Come by Brad Waggoner is not it.  However, if you are looking for a book that adequately diagnoses the current state of the church and the individual members of your church, this is a must read.  Waggoner and the folks […]

The relationship that Augustine established with others engaged with him in pastoral ministry has fascinated scholars for decades. Now a new perspective is brought to the question by this book. It looks at how Augustine was the mentor of his disciples and, indeed, how this relationship was for more common in the early church than […]

The church today is becoming ever more aware of its need to look to the ancient fathers for wisdom. Christian leaders who wish to draw on patristic insights need to read Ed Smither’s useful study of Augustine as a spiritual mentor. Smither investigates ancient practice with the expertise of a scholar and the heart of […]

Works on the subjects of mentoring and disciple-making have blossomed in recent years, but rarely are such practices linked to similar expressions in the early Christian centuries. Few topics are more central to ministry and few scholars are more qualified than Augustine, who enacted this process in the lives of others. Smither, an exceptional church […]

“David Dockery writes about how Broadus’ legacy was carried on by A.T. Robertson. Broadus was a careful scholar. The biblical text reigned supreme. Broadus’ legacy was earned by his devotion to biblical exegesis, expositional preaching and church-focused theology. Robertson learned from Broadus. He never feared taking into account recent developments in critical scholarship, but he held fast to the authority of […]

It is the great strength of The Great Commission that, taking impressive cognizance of this profusion of mission research of the last decades, it presents the mission history of the last half-millennium in a form assimilable by upper division undergraduates.  Whereas the standard volume of Neill viewed the global expansion of Christianity from a decidedly European and late […]

“My final estimation of this work is that it is extremely helpful and thoroughgoing in its presentation.  Comfort isn’t afraid to disagree with the experts where he feels they have missed and he does a great job of explaining textual criticism in a way that is easy to understand.  Unfortunately, textual criticism is still quite […]

W. David Buschart, Associate Dean, and Professor of Theology and Historical Studies at Denver Seminary writes, “…the cluster of issues and questions which animate parts of the book are important and too-long neglected.  Yarnell possesses a great deal of historical and theological knowledge related to these issues and questions, and this book serves to introduce […]

Craig Thompson (Senior Pastor, Malvern Hill Baptist Church) loves Doctrine that Dances: “Doctrine does not have to be boring, and Smith makes that apparent as he compares the sermon to jazz music…living, moving, and active. Smith’s book is ripe with illustrations and practical wisdom. It is as well written as it is researched, and he […]

“For some strange reason, books on preaching either tend to emphasize study, work, and preparation or the Holy Spirit.  Very few books find the balance between the indwelling Spirit and the necessary work that accompanies the act of preaching the Word.  Greg Heisler has done just that in his book, Spirit-Led Preaching.” Read more at […]