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Reading Sweet Waters is like taking a beach vacation from the comfort of your own living room.  Julie Carobini paints a beautiful story of fresh starts, painful secrets, and the depth of a family’s love. The small town beach setting is as soothing as the sound of waves, and so well drawn I could almost […]

This collection of brilliant essays is a must read for contemporary church leaders and thoughtful Christians.  The essays critique both the strengths of the “doctrinally friendly” stream of the Emergent toward culture sensitivity and the weakness of the “doctrinally wary/averse stream’s” penchant toward moral, biblical and theological relativism. The essays are thought-provoking, thoughtful, well-researched, judicious and […]

The so-called “emerging church” has now become a major focus of evangelical attention–and for good reason.  This new movement presents a significant challenge to evangelical Christianity in this generation, and it both deserves and demands a fair and thoughtful consideration.  Bill Henard and Adam Greenway and their team of writers provide us all a much-needed […]

“If you’re looking for a thorough study of assurance, or if you’re teaching or preaching through 1 John, you’ll want to get your hands on Chris Bass’s new book, That You May Know: Assurance of Salvation in 1 John, which is volume 5 in the NAC Studies in Bible and Theology.” Read more from Jim […]

Jamie Carie has once again seamlessly woven her in-depth research into an exciting and passionate page-turner. Her heroine’s character reminds me of a wild mustang running full gallop across the mesa, incredibly beautiful and too magnificent to tame. If you like plenty of action and emotion packaged into a historical romance, then WIND DANCER fits […]