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The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown is a comprehensive and informative introduction  to the New Testament. Written from a convictional evangelical perspective, this marvelous volume carefully interacts with the most up-to-date issues in modern scholarship. This well-written textbook invites students to grasp the meaning of the various books of the New Testament in their […]

For too long those of us who have studied the emerging church have had to choose between the voices of effective practitioners and those of careful theologians. Evangelicals Engaging Emergent changes that trend. This work gives a fair, sympathetic look toward the strategies of those trying new things to reach a postmodern culture, but through […]

“Few issues are as incendiary and as confusing to contemporary Christians as those related to the so-called ’emerging church.’ In this volume, a diverse group of evangelical Christians look at this discussion in detail. Any Christian interested in this ongoing converstation should start with this book.” Russell D. Moore Dean, School of Theology Senior Vice […]

“What are the real issues that really do matter in the Emergent Church? Drs. Henard and Greenway have done the Church a great service in answering questions that really matter in the Evangelical Church that must be past to the next generation.”   Johnny Hunt President, Southern Baptist Convention Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, […]

There is a fresh wind blowing in the church in the world of family ministry! This book is foundational and practical at the same time. These authors recognize that family ministry is not a program but a mindset that must be worked into every part of the church and home. I haven’t read a better […]

Seeing Things is a delight for the senses. Patti Hill is gifted with the ability to provide a colorful illusion with words, in which I could see better through the eyes of an older woman with macular degeneration than I can see through my own eyes. The story is honest about family struggles, filled with […]

“There is only one biblical foundation for a Christian’s assurance of salvation: that God the Son came to be our propitiation and advocate. Only when faith is solidly founded there can a believer go on to apply these rigorous tests: Is my belief correct enough? Do I live a holy life? Do I love other […]

Happily, there are many good books being written today. But it is rare, indeed, to find a book that towers over the others in profundity and quality. William Dembski’s The End of Christianity is such a book. It is so interesting and well-written that I could not put it down. But more importantly, I have […]

Addressing the problem of a perfect God in an imperfect world, this book offers the most coherent answer to this question I’ve ever read. William A. Dembski has given us a bold and uncompromising theodicy that both confirms Christian orthodoxy and makes peace among our family of believers. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “We […]

William Dembski’s latest book, The End of Christianity: Finding a Good God in an Evil World, shows how the traditional Christian doctrine that sin entered the world through humans is not refuted by the evidence that natural evils (earthquakes, storms, disease, death, etc.) are chronologically much older than humans within the universe. Because time within […]