Tough-Minded Christianity “an inspiring read”


JW Montgomery is a lost gem in Christianity, likely because he is of a another intellectual level from most. Astounding can only begin to describe a career filled with books on numerous subjects as well as doctorate degrees to back them up, and then his debate history with major players such as Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Thomas Altizer, and recent ones with likes of major Muslim apologist, and then his legal case history winning major human rights issues.

44 contributors to this volume are organized into six groupings: Christian Worldview; Nature of Nature; Doctrinal Integrity; Defending the Faith; Law, Ethics, Society; Tribute. What surprised me somewhat is the non-Lutheran contribution here, with there only being four that I could identify, allowing that some of the laypeople might be as well.

Having read at least two in each of these categories, I can relate that they are superb for the most part. They are captivating, whether or not your view concurs with that being offered.

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