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  In a culture whose spirituality is a mile wide and an inch deep, Kent Edwards’ call for preaching deeply is irresistible. Deep Preaching is a cogent and heartfelt call for preaching beyond the status quo. As one who loves to preach, this book makes me uncomfortable about the level of passion in my heart […]

“Biblical scholars and systematic theologians usually grab the headlines during contemporary debates over evangelical identity. Church historians are called to testify as even-handed observers who place the debate in context. But this context itself is often the stuff of legendary dispute among historians. David Bebbington’s Evangelicalism in Modern Britain, published in 1989, has set the […]

Review for Deliver Us from Evil   “In Exposure, Robin Caroll has done what most novelists fail to do. She has discovered the holy grail of fiction; she has found the truth.”   Brandt Dodson Author of Daniel’s Den by Harvest House Publishers

“With great plot twists, strong characters, and just the right amount of romance, Deliver Us from Evil is a high-octane, must read!  Robin Caroll nailed the gritty, tough world of law enforcement and brought to light the tragedy of human trafficking in this powerful novel.” —Mark Mynheir, homicide detective and author of The Night Watchman. […]

Robin Caroll hits it out of the park with this thrilling new novel. Exposure picks you up on page one and takes you on a ride you’ll love page after page. And when all is said and done, you’ll want to read it again just for the pure pleasure of wonderful storytelling. Can’t wait for […]

The kind of novel ‘Ripped from the headlines’ was meant to describe. Compelling. – James Scott Bell, bestselling author of Try Fear and Decieved

Jammed full of thought-provoking statistics and analysis, Lost and Found is a must for those actively involved in youth ministries. If you have at least a fairly strong interest in youth ministries, it’s the kind of book you’ll want to discuss, and argue, with friends. Within the last few months, the American media has run […]

“There is something raw and achingly beautiful about Jamie Carie’s writing. Jamie takes history and brings it to your heart and mind with words and phrases that wring the emotion out of you and leave you hungry for more. Love’s First Light will release from B&H Publishing in July, and I want to urge everyone […]

Cowan and Spiegel are charitable as they consider views they don’t hold, while also providing reasons why they believe those views are wrong when the views go against the clear teachings of Scripture. They illustrate the difficult topics with countless examples that are clear and instructive. The one shortcoming of the book is that some […]

Readers will be particularly thankful that the editors elicited a response to these many critiques of Bebbington’s theses from Bebbington himself who demonstrates that he has read these essays carefully and with a readiness to learn from them.  With regard to each of seven issues (activism, transcultural missions, the doctrine of assurance, the relationship of […]