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“This volume is truly a magnum opus. Congratulations on its publication.” Dr. Bruce Metzger, April 26, 2006 Advertisements

As Robert Smith, Jr. observes in his book Doctrine that Dances, our fathers in the church were building on an image, a metaphor that was woven through the scriptures. We are a people who are created in the image of God and who therefore have dance in our very genes. Miriam danced when she reached […]

“David Bebbington’s Evangelicalism in Modern Britain (1989) was quickly recognized as a major contribution to our understanding of the history of this movement. This substantial work offers a critical study of aspects of his thesis. The chapters range from a survey of the book’s reception since 1989 by Timothy Larsen and ‘Evangelicalism and the Enlightenment’ […]

Although written by a pastor with immediate application to pastors, this book should find an audience among all sorts of leaders: parents, teachers, businessmen, etc. – anyone who desires to receive encouragement and sound practical advice in leading others for the glory of Christ. Iron sharpens iron. Hunt’s book sharpened me. Sherry Rodriguez – […]

Sweet Waters is as delightful as dipping your toes in lapping waves on a sunny day! Julie Carobini has excelled in creating an inviting beachside community without compromising the realities of human nature and the difficulties of small town living. Tara’s painful rejection by her fiance and the revelation of devastating family secrets are tempered […]

Review for Love’s First Light   I love the setting and the plot of this book. The 18th century France, is a subject I have never read about before and it was fun to get to know some of the issues that people faced at that time. I worried that I would be overwhelmed reading […]

While there are many OT surveys available on the market today, Broadman and Holman Academic’s Old Testament Survey 2nd Edition and accompanying student’s guide deserves your attention. Because it was originally written with an emphasis on the literature and narrative structures of the OT and then was expanded at length to focus on the historical […]

Tara Sweet has had it with life in Missouri and decides to head home to coastal California where she has memories of a wonderful childhood before her father died. She expects to regain the happiness she once knew but instead discovers a complicated family history. A possible romance with a handsome firefighter and a future […]

I really liked the gentleness of this story. You could feel the raw emotions that both Christophe St. Laurent and Scarlett were going through. They each were fighting a different battle where with the help of each other they could overcome them. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I would like this book. Luckily […]

  Julie Carobini’s writing is really superb, and Sweet Waters is chick-lit at it’s very best! And I LOVE this line…”I’ve learned that moving on requires letting go of everything – except my faith.” (p. 311) Isn’t that the truth? You won’t believe all that takes place before that statement can be made by ANY […]