Broadus “warmly written, easy to read”


Charles Spurgeon’s designation of John Broadus as the “greatest of living preachers,” and the declaration by another that Broadus is “perhaps the greatest man the Baptists have produced,” warrant a new look at the almost forgotten teacher, scholar, preacher and statesman. David Dockery, president of Union University in Jackson, Tenn., and Roger Duke, assistant professor at the Baptist College of Health Sciences in Memphis, Tenn., have provided a fresh, dynamic, informative, and inspiring perspective of this humble servant of God.

This book from Broadman & Holman Publishers is part of a new series on the history of Baptists, designed to inform and strengthen not only Baptists but also others who love the truth. Series editor Michael A. G. Haykin says: “Given the many significant changes that the world is undergoing in our day, Baptists are being tempted to divorce themselves from their theological and spiritual roots. Behind this series is the conviction that such would be suicidal and that the volumes in this series will provide a way for Baptists to learn from the past how to live faithfully for God in the present.”

– Robert L. Mounts, Florida Baptist Witness

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