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I loved everything about Scarlett & Christophé’s story ~ the location, the historical setting, the characters, their interaction and the circumstances that led them together. You won’t find colourless, stilted interaction in a Jamie Carie novel, her characters are vibrant, full of passion and angst in equal measure, as they face tragedy in the turbulent […]

Jamie Carie has once again seamlessly woven her in-depth research into an exciting and passionate page-turner. Her heroine’s character reminds me of a wild mustang running full gallop across the mesa, incredibly beautiful and too magnificent to tame. If you like plenty of action and emotion packaged into a historical romance, then WIND DANCER fits […]

Seeing Things by Patti Hill is a tasty treat for a summer’s afternoon. Birdie Wainwrights prides herself on her independence and zest for life, even at the age of 72 and suffering from macular degeneration. When she starts seeing hallucinations of flowers in the middle of her living room, she starts to doubt her sanity, […]

“For several years now increasing numbers of ministers and parents have begun recognizing the failure of the current system of youth ministry to disciple a generation to change the world through the gospel. However, the response to this failure has included everything from helpful critique to extreme overreaction which breeds its own set of problems. […]

Action, passion, murderous plots and interesting twists pervade everyone’s time in Paris. Old friends reunite, as do old enemies. Scarlett’s baby is born in Robespierre’s home. Christophé is caught by his enemy and nearly killed, but rescued by an unlikely heroine. And one thought dead is very much alive. Through it all, Jamie Carie’s attention […]

James David Jordan has penned two other novels prior to Double Cross. Mr. Jordan has degrees in law and journalism and an MBA from the University of Illinois. Currently he works as a business attorney in the greater Dallas, Texas area where he is generally well received. He has a wife and two children. (Back […]

Certain Jeopardy This is a realistic look into the lives of six men and their families as the men in a Special Operations group are activated to a secret mission in Venezuela.  There are rumors of an Al-Qaeda training camp, but it turns out to be something far different.  A Canadian nuclear scientist has been […]

“Since most church education programs do not have the semester hour time constraints that educational institutions do, From Pentecost to Patmos, again with Jesus & the Gospels is a preferable choice over many other NT introductions as it focuses on simple commentary and the text, while still giving enough background and critical material to help […]