Seeing Things by Patti Hill is a tasty treat for a summer’s afternoon.


Seeing Things by Patti Hill is a tasty treat for a summer’s afternoon. Birdie Wainwrights prides herself on her independence and zest for life, even at the age of 72 and suffering from macular degeneration. When she starts seeing hallucinations of flowers in the middle of her living room, she starts to doubt her sanity, and when she ends up breaking her ankle because of them, her perfect life is turned upside-down. Birdie is forced to recover while living with her son Andy and wife Suzanne whose busy lives keep them on the run and away from son Fletcher, who has memorized baseball stats as a form of prayer in his lonely life. Things get even crazier when Huckleberry Finn shows up and starts talking to Birdie, and the faith of the whole family is tested. I absolutely adored the character of Birdie, and I hate that the book had to end! Hill precisely renders the conflict between aging parent and busy child when it comes to assisted living centers and independent living. Birdie wants only to heal and please her family, but she is forced over and over again to turn their care over to God. Her interpretation of putting them through the roof on a mat is one I will remember and use myself. The characters feel real, full of passion and life, like people you know personally, and the story has just the perfect amount of humor, faith, and love.


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