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Set in 1808 in Saint Louis and along the path and trails of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Angels den opens with us meeting Emma, the daughter of prominent parents, an only child. A bit spoiled, but a lovely young woman. Her wedding is her dream come true, at least that is what she thinks. […]

Double Cross by James David Jordan Taylor Pasbury, has a history. A violent history. Only 29 and raised by a father who was a former Special Forces Officer, abandoned by her mother at nine, Taylor’s life has not been easy. Her father was murdered when she was only seventeen and she was alone. All the […]

Wow… Really…Wow!  James Rubart hooked me immediately in his fascinating, awesome novel, Rooms! If you want to read the whole review you can find it here:

Set in Alexandria Egypt, 48 BC Guardian of the Flame is truly like no other book I have read. A book that will grab you, lead you to a comfy chair and keep you there first page to the last page. Truly a fascinating book.  Sophia, a woman of great tragedy, loosing her husband and […]

“MGBH does succeed in providing a wealth of information, making it one of the most thorough introductory grammars on the market.  All in all, Garrett and DeRouchie have put together a nice grammar and should be commended for their work.” Adam Couturier Read the entire review here…

Professors Stewart and Haykin, along with all the authors of The Advent of Evangelicalism, have done us biblical, Reformed, evangelical Christians a great service. They give us confidence that we are standing on the solid ground of historic, biblical Christianity as we serve Jesus Christ and his church faithfully and fruitfully in the ever-changing contexts […]

T L Higley’s third instalment in her Seven Wonders series, Guardian of the Flame has left me in the same state as Shadow of Colossus and City of the Dead ~ bleary eyed from reading way into the night and deeply satisfied from a fascinating journey to another place and time. Combining exceptional writing, accurate […]

“Powder covers a multitude of sins.” (p.50)   The sins that Emma Daring powdered over were those perpetrated upon her by an angel – an angel straight from the pits of hell. Jamie Carie’s upcoming novel, Angel’s Den, is a journey into the darkness of human depravity. Jamie takes the reader into the nightmare of […]

This book is a military thriller. The story was written in short, quick chapters from rotating point of views–and there were a fairly large number of point of view characters.   The book was fast-paced. The author clearly explained the equipment and jargon used in the story without bogging down the pace with too many details. […]

Julie Carobini’s writing is really superb, and Sweet Waters is chick-lit at it’s very best! There seems to be a bit of everything in this book, from romance, to drama, to adventure! The book is chock full of it all so you won’t be bored! It was a fun, relaxing read. ~Reviewed by Kim F. […]