James David Jordan, has written an excellent mystery for all suspense lovers.


Double Cross by James David Jordan

Taylor Pasbury, has a history. A violent history. Only 29 and raised by a father who was a former Special Forces Officer, abandoned by her mother at nine, Taylor’s life has not been easy. Her father was murdered when she was only seventeen and she was alone. All the training from her father has caused her to turn to a career in private security.  

Simon Mason World Ministries, needed a security officer, and Taylor was perfect for the job. A huge international ministry, Simon Mason has been threatened by a blackmailer, and his daughter was kidnapped, and he went to rescue her and was murdered. These are all things of the recent past, and this novel takes up the story, setting the scenario described.  

Half a million dollars is missing from the ministry, and fingers originally pointed at Simon Mason. However, after his death an internal audit shows that it is his assistant Elise, who has misappropriated the funds. A visit for confrontation is scheduled. Only when Taylor and Kacey, Simon’s daughter arrive, they find Elise in her car in the garage dead. Suicide is the initial ruling. But something is not right. Follow this story as Taylor dives into a investigation that will endanger her, Kacey and her mother, who has reappeared into her life.  

James David Jordan, has written an excellent mystery for all suspense lovers. This book will keep your interest and you will finish wishing for more. Most definitely a book to share with others! A five star rating is well deserved for this author and book.

Reviewed by Cindy Loven


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