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Double Cross by James David Jordan is the sequel to Forsaken and continues the story of Taylor Pasbury, a brave twenty-nine year old woman who runs her own security company. Taylor is living with Kacey, daughter of a good friend who was murdered in the Forsaken. She promised to watch out for Kacey and the […]

I enjoyed this and thought it was a good sequel to Forsaken. Taylor is a very strong person but she also has quite a few issues, so it’s interesting to see how she handles things that come her way. The relationship between Taylor and her mother was quite interesting because her mother is quite a […]

“Numerous introductions to the NT continue to appear, which is hardly surprising since they serve as textbooks in beginning NT classes. The volume under consideration may be the best of the recent crop. The work begins with a useful study of scripture and the canon, which is fitting given the claims made by the documents […]

Introduction to Evangelism is a text book written for the collegiate or seminary student who is serious about evangelism. Consequently, there are some “thick” parts that necessarily need to be “waded” through if being read by a non-seminarian. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is the convictional basis for evangelism. Even […]

Love’s First Light illuminates a dark time in history while directing readers to the true source of light in everyone’s life. Author Jamie Carie knows how to bring the principles of the past to today’s readers in a relevant and riveting tale.

A trip fraught with danger from all sides, Emma is locked in her cabin, abused by her husband and driven to the edge and back. Seeing a honored and respected judge die in her arms, drives Emma to realize only she can save herself. Seizing the opportunity, she grabs the judge’s gun and shoots her […]

Heads up readers, there’s a new kid on the block writing stellar romantic suspense with grit, authenticity and heartfelt emotion. Robin Caroll hits it out of the park in Deliver Us From Evil as Search and Rescue helicopter pilot, Brannon Callahan comes face to face with US Marshal Roark Holland in a wild blizzard. Sparks […]

Ruby’s Slippers by Leanna Ellis reminds us all that reconciliation can help heal family wounds. If you have ever enjoyed the classic The Wizard of Oz, then you’ll have to check this one out! Enough said.   Susan Choy Lee aka The Reading Mom

Forsaken was one of my favourite stories of 2008 and James David Jordan has made the wait for another Taylor Pasbury tale well worth it in the sequel, Double Cross. Attracting trouble like a bee to honey, Taylor continues to struggle with the fallout from Simon Mason’s death while searching for an extortionist and caring […]

Guardian of the Flame by T.L. Higley is a Seven Wonders novel that takes you back in history to 48 BC. Sophia is the keeper of the famous lighthouse of Alexandria Egypt and her former student Cleopatra, Greek Queen of Egypt has the power to change history. If you love history, then you’ll love this […]