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Guardian of the Flame is the third in Higley’s Seven Wonders series. Part romance, part suspense, and part political novel, it defies a standard categorization. I have reviewed several inspirational novels for HNS and found this to be a cut above most. I enjoyed Higley’s retelling of the Beauty and the Beast myth in the […]

Carie’s writing is incredibly detailed and full of actual historical accounts. Her writing reminds me of Jane Austen, depicting the plight of women during a time where a woman’s only hope was to be wed to suitable mate. Carie, like Austen, gave her female heroine strength and a keen mind, and the ability to save […]

Bryn Seymour was only nine years old when her mother died mysteriously on the same day as the Apollo 11 moon landing. Forty years later, a divorced, cynical Bryn meets conspiracy theorist Howard, who thinks the two events may be connected. Although Bryn tries to find closure in Howard’s ideas, Howard’s son, a Christian, presents […]

A search-and-rescue helicopter pilot for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Brannon Callahan is distinguished by her faith and her rescue record. She is pushed to her limits, though, when she must rescue U.S. Marshal Roark Holland from a dangerous blizzard after his plane crashes. Together, they must race to get a heart to a […]

In 1808, Emma, the daughter of a prominent St. Louis family, believes she has met and married her dream man. But she soon discovers that Eric Montclaire is not who she thought he was. Controlling and merciless, Eric insists that Emma join him in a westward expedition following the trail that Lewis and Clark had […]

Most biblical Hebrew grammars currently available on the market introduce the features of biblical Hebrew through a traditional grammar-translation approach. Garrett & DeRouchies’s grammar adopts this traditional approach. The authors supplement the Textbook with ancillary materials on a CD, on a website, and with a fabulous Workbook of exercises… Garrett and DeRouchie have produced a […]

As a Hollywood stuntman I want action and drama in every project I read. ENEMIES AMONG US provides both in a dynamic portrayal of the intensity and discipline it takes to fight the shadow war in the streets of America. As a stuntman I know it takes discipline and patience to be successful. After reading Bob’s […]

Enemies Among Us is a suspenseful thriller that engages your mind, while giving you great insight to the FBI undercover world.  Bob Hamer a true Hero, brings realization to the frightening world of terrorism, all too often missed by many, as to just how close to home it can hit at any moment.     […]

So, I’m giving this one four out of five bookmarks…and attaching a blue marble as a charm. Let your fascination with the galaxies drive you into the Arms of the One who created it all!