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“The obvious product of deep biblical reflection and solidly grounded in well-established traditional theology, The End of Christianity is an incalculably valuable contribution to the forum of Christian thought on the subject of theodicy, and as such, in my view, is a must-read for theologians, pastors, elders, and laypersons alike. No other theodicy that I […]

“One of the things I enjoyed about the book, outside of its scholarly credentials, was its tone. This is not just another book bashing the ECM but rather a careful critique of various aspects and persons in the movement. The chapters cover a whole range of topics such as evangelism, preaching, Christology, salvation, hermeneutics, truth, […]

“This anthology delivers attentive coverage about relevant assumptions, claims, reasons, and evidences that goes to the center of contemporary intellectual hostility toward Christianity. Moreover, the contributors exemplify unmistakable care for their topics, without indulging in idiosyncratic fanfare, or scholarly intramurals only recognizable to the specialist. Thoughtful nonspecialists can feel at home with these books, and […]

A good book should not only leave the reader satisfied, it should leave the brain buzzing. James L. Rubart’s Rooms does just that. It is the kind of book that is not only read, but talked about long after the last page has been turned.  —Alton Gansky, novelist (Enoch, Certain Jeopardy) A fresh voice, a […]

Working with narrative can be an exercise fraught with interpretive pitfalls and interpretive difficulty. What one needs is a guide with a deft skill of explanation and numerous examples to make the points clear. Interpreting Gospel Narratives is such a book. Discussing character building, structure, how to read for theology and core themes, find OT […]

No current topic can draw a crowd quite like a discussion of the Emergent Village and the Emerging Church Movement. Confusion still exists surrounding the theological issues raised by various pastors/theologians in coalitions surrounding everything from the doctrine of Scripture to the way people comprehend truth. In this compilation of essays by leading theologians, Greenway […]

A better compendium on the history, sociology, methodology and theology of evangelism cannot be found. This book will solve many modern dilemmas surrounding issues such as the modern invitation; God’s sovereignty and human free will; and ministry contextualization. The research of this book—particularly data surrounding the changing North American scene—will be a great help to […]

Angel’s Den In 1808, Emma, the daughter of a prominent St. Louis family, believes she has met and married her dream man. But she soon discovers that Eric Montclaire is not who she thought he was. Controlling and merciless, Eric insists that Emma join him in a westward expedition following the trail that Lewis and […]

“It takes a while to really get into the story. It’s not boring, there’s just a lot of that you have to see through Birdie’s eyes first before delving deeper. This book is not a fast read, but it’s one to savor. I feel that it will touch many readers and pull some heartstrings. Perfect […]

Powers by John B. Olson is the sequel to Shade, but you don’t need to read that volume to be completely hooked by this compelling thriller. Mariutza has been raised in seclusion by her grandfather, taught to fight, to use her mental abilities to outwit the enemy, and to fear the outside world. But when […]