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Merida encourages the reader to contend for the gospel. There are many who seek to pervert the truth of the Word of God and it is the job of the preacher to contend against these things through clear, specific, well informed, and apologetic preaching of the Word. So much more could be said, and while no […]

The tension between faith and science is a long-standing one, captured by the apocryphal story of Catholic academics refusing to view the heavens through Galileo’s telescope. The field of Christian education stands athwart the two, one foot firmly planted in Scripture, and the other in theories of learning, motivation, and personality. Estep and Kim provide […]

  “Deliver Us From Evil (4.5 stars) Caroll knows what suspense readers want: brave characters in exciting occupations, nonstop action, political intrigue and a dose of romance for that added zing. Even when readers figure out the villain, they will stay riveted to their seats as the plot unfolds. A keeper! —Chandra McNeil Romantic Times […]

“Double Cross is an exhilarating inspirational investigative thriller starring a kick butt born again heroine who seeks redemption by being there for Kacey; just like their fathers were there for her when she most needed guidance, love and salvation. Ironically, the return of the mom is a new test for Taylor as she struggles to […]

This book is essential reading because it challenges us to try looking at the Mosaic Law through the lens of the New Testament. Take a peek – It is liberating. Peter Sanlon Read the entire review (PDF)

This book is not deep philosophy, or difficult doctrine. It is a well written book that will be a great blessing to anyone struggling with the inconsistencies of Calvinism or Arminianism. I highly recommend it. – Jason Skipper read the entire review at