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Bottom line: David Alan Black has managed to write a Greek textbook [Learn To Read New Testament Greek] that even a novice with absolutely no skills in this area (like myself) can enjoy and profit greatly from. It’s hard to imagine a better book for the beginning student of the language of the New Testament. I’ve […]

“Dembski’s latest work is brilliant! Some Critics rank it with the works of CS Lewis and Francis Schaeffer. And rightly so!” Prof. Dr. Peter Zöller-Greer Member of the New York Academy of Sciences; Fellow and Member of the International Society for Complexity, Information and Design; Awarded Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Read the entire review […]

  “Rooms is an extraordinary read. It’s a time- and mind-bending exploration of regret and redemption, expertly crafted by a new and talented author. Part The Screwtape Letters, part The Shack, and all James Rubart’s fresh, authoritative voice, Rooms manages to at once entertain and stir thoughts about how our temporal decisions affect us for […]

“Caroll knows what suspense readers want: brave characters in exciting occupations, nonstop action, political intrigue and a dose of romance for that added zing. Even when readers figure out the villain, they will stay riveted to their seats as the plot unfolds.” Romantic Times, February 2010

“Deliver Us from Evil is grace-filled storytelling and strong suspense at its best!” Reviewed by Dale Lewis

“Jamie Carie seamlessly weaves in historical details of the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Louisiana Purchase into this engaging story” Reviewed by Vickie McDonough

“Wow…Deliver Us from Evil will have you talking about this book for a long while to come. This book started out with a big punch of adrenaline and didn’t let up till the last page!” GoodReads

  In this well-written, fast paced romance with strong Christian themes, we meet Brannon Callahan, a search and rescue helicopter pilot who works in the Great Smoky Mountains national park in Tennessee.  Brannon is a beautiful, competent woman who has come to this point in her life with some losses and pain.  One stormy night […]

“Good fiction usually has an element of truth, and you find yourself pulling for the two fictional girls in the novel, not just because they’re the victims, but because you know they represent tens of thousands of real life Mias and Kanyas hidden somewhere in this country. As Christians, we read novels on an additional […]