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“There is no more important message in all the world than that contained in John 3:16. The contents of this book will encourage everyone who reads it to keep the balance in proclaiming this verse’s majestic truth.”  —Phil Roberts, president, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary  Advertisements

“Here are the clarion voices that are crystalline clear about one of the most important issues of our day.  This scholarly work with pastoral practicality gives great guidance through a thorny issue. I encourage every pastor to read this book.”  —Mac Brunson, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 

“A much needed corrective to the contemporary rise of Calvinism especially among young Christians; it presents a scholarly, biblically accurate and reasonable case against radical Reformed theology.”    —Roger E. Olson, professor of Theology, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, Waco, Texas 

“Exploring issues from a biblical, historical, philosophical, and theological perspective, the contributors to Whosoever Will have put forward an alternative to the Calvinist model of the doctrine of salvation within Baptist life.” 
—David S. Dockery, president, Union University 

“All who wish to consider seriously the role of Calvinism in Baptist life today can find stimulation in these pages, which in turn invite further discussion and dialogue.”   —James Leo Garrett, distinguished professor of Theology, emeritus, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“I believe you will see the spirit of Christ from page to page . . . this book . . . was never intended to bash those of a different persuasion, but rather be part of an ongoing Southern Baptist dialogue that is building bridges.” —Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia, and […]

“Once in a Blue Moon is an intriguing tale of a woman who never came to grips with the sudden death of her mother forty years ago and now has a chance for closure if she can obtain the truth; that is if anyone living knows the truth as Howard spins a conspiracy tale. Falling […]

The book is “textbookish,” which shouldn’t be surprising since it was written as a textbook.  Blomberg does a phenomenal job of weaving through debates in a concise but informative manner, along with giving suggestions for further reading.  He offers his opinions when there are differing options, but he represents other viewpoints well and doesn’t force his […]

Rooms is being touted as another great among Christian allegories, such as Dinner with A Perfect Stranger or The Shack. I believe it will be the Twenty-first Century’s Hind’s Feet on High Places or Pilgrim’s Progress. Following Micah’s journey of discovery is an eye-opening – or perhaps I should say a soul-stirring – experience. As […]

Rubart’s novel takes an amazing, unique look at God. Although the story is fast paced, the author leaves room for contemplation and deeper examination into the reader’s own faith journey. Readers will relate to the main characters and draw parallels. —Melissa Parcel