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Havah: The Story of Eve is a wonderful re-telling of the dawn of mankind from Eve’s viewpoint. Tosca nicely imagines the life of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and writes the story with an excellent literary prose which is bound to captivate readers. As a result of their decision to eat the […]

Solidly grounded in traditional theology and the obvious product of deep biblical reflection, The End of Christianity is, in my view, a must-read for theologians, pastors, elders, scientists who speak on faith-science issues, and laypersons alike. No other theodicy I have studied more uncompromisingly or with greater integrity reconciles Scripture with scientific discovery. In fact, […]

What can one say about Whosoever Will? For starters, the tone of the book was more conciliatory than I expected. That’s not to say that the contributors don’t take firm stands and make strong points. To the contrary, they do. But they do so in a way that doesn’t belittle the intentions and the piety […]

Other reviews have highlighted the similarities between this book and a certain little bestseller, but I will just come out and say it: Rooms is better than The Shack. It probes theological ideas in a way that doesn’t leave you confused and scratching your head, but instead examining your heart. Reviewed by James Andrew Wilson […]