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Romantic Times gives Julie Carobini’s new novel, A Shore Thing, a 4-star rating and says, “There is a lot of depth in this romance.” Learn more at Advertisements

As a participant in Supreme Court confirmations as a member of the United States Senate, I know The Confirmation weaves a tale that, while fictional, is true.  Ralph Reed shines a bright light on the backroom deals, special-interest-group pleading and the politics of personal destruction that plague judicial confirmations, but he does so in a […]

“If you are involved at all in missions, discipleship, youth ministry, college ministry – you would be wise to pick up this book. This will help strengthen your argument for short term missions.” Kim Davidson Read the entire review here…

This book is the best concise introduction to the Reformation for students and laypeople who are new to the issues. Reeves portrays the spirit of the Reformation with grittiness, verve, and humour. The spirit of the Reformation lives on in this text, but it is only an appetiser. Further reading is suggested at the end of […]

The book is not only user-friendly; it represents careful and up-to-date scholarship. For instance, they helpfully survey and evaluate the quests of the historical Jesus (including the third quest), the recent spate of alternate Gospels (mainly gnostic) that are proposed today, and the New Perspective on Paul. These discussions will surely prove to be useful […]