Entrusted with the Gospel provides clarity on thorny issues


Earlier this year, I spent some time studying the Pastoral Epistles. As a young pastor, I treasure the practical and pastoral insights that come from 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. But digging deep into these letters will unearth a number of thorny issues:

  • Why is authorship disputed?
  • What did Paul mean when he said women should be silent in church?
  • Who fits the qualifications for an overseer?
  • How was the early church structured?

Entrusted with the Gospel is a collection of essays that provide clarity on these and other issues. The book lays out the purpose and structure of these letters. The authors write convincingly about authorship, women’s roles, God’s sovereignty, and the doctrine of the church. The result is a helpful primer for deeper study in the pastoral letters of Paul.

– Trevin Wax

Read the review at Kingdom People…


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