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Earlier this year, I spent some time studying the Pastoral Epistles. As a young pastor, I treasure the practical and pastoral insights that come from 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. But digging deep into these letters will unearth a number of thorny issues: Why is authorship disputed? What did Paul mean when he said […]

Andreas Köstenberger’s and Terry Wilder’s Entrusted with the Gospel: Paul’s Theology in the Pastoral Epistles is a valuable resource for anyone teaching, preaching, or writing on the Pastoral Epistles.  In particular, it is helpful for those entrusted with the role of shepherding the flock of God.  The authors have collected a leading group of evangelical […]

Paul Brewster has provided a gift for Baptists and fellow evangelicals by bringing the magnificent insights of Andrew Fuller once again to the forefront for a new generation. This timely and well-written volume exemplifies for us the kind of pastor-theologian model that is certainly worthy of imitation by the church leaders of our day. Brewster’s […]

Mark F. Rooker suggests that the Ten Commandments constitute the fundamental framework upon which all the biblical commandments are based. After quickly surveying introductory issues, Rooker turns to a sequential analysis of each commandment. Pastors, teachers and studious-but-busy Christians will appreciate this volume. It’s simple, clear and succinct. This work follows the organization of the […]

Is the gospel—the “good news” that Jesus preached—the offer of forgiveness of sins, eternal life, prosperity, political power, social justice, religious power, or what?  There is no more foundational issue for understanding God’s purposes for Christians individually and for the church.  Yet the church today has often clouded Jesus’ gospel message.  As a leading New […]

“Bock has delivered the Gospel message in a new way, skillfully weaving passages and themes into a a theological rope that at the same time feels very comfortable, and immensely strong!” – Dr. Doug Pennoyer, Dean, Biola Cook School of Intercultural Studies

“One of today’s most prominent theologians takes a fresh look at the old, old story – the Gospel.   This is not a book just for your shelf; it is a must read for every pastor for both doctrinal study and practical application.” Dr. Mac Brunson

“You are holding in your hands a really rare book—one that goes all the way back to the New Testament in connecting the Gospel and the cross with the life of discipleship and the mission of the church in a broken world that needs the message of grace.  Darrell Bock is one of our best […]

In my opinion, the best part of David Allen’s book is his treatment on the writing style similarities between Hebrews, Luke, and Acts. This is best seen in the middle section of Dr. Allen’s book—namely chapters 4-6. Here Dr. Allen deals with what he sees to be the three main comparisons within Luke’s writings—which are, […]

“We have realized that for students to become true disciples, they must themselves become concerned and active disciplers of the nations. If this generation will be influenced and developed toward, engaged in, and assessed for growth unto a global vision and life, God will raise them up to change the lives of whole tribes, communities, […]