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The book is not only user-friendly; it represents careful and up-to-date scholarship. For instance, they helpfully survey and evaluate the quests of the historical Jesus (including the third quest), the recent spate of alternate Gospels (mainly gnostic) that are proposed today, and the New Perspective on Paul. These discussions will surely prove to be useful […]

“Between this volume and Carson and Moo’s standard, An Introduction to the New Testament, evangelical students are very well served indeed!” Justin Taylor, Between Two Worlds Read the entire review at Between Two Worlds…

“Among available New Testament introductions for theological students this one stands out for meticulously thorough coverage, bibliographical fullness, attention to canonical issues, juicy pastoral reflections, and lashings of masterful common sense. I recommend it highly, as a leader in its field.” J. I. Packer Professor of Theology Regent College Vancouver, BC

“Of making of New Testament Introductions there seems to be no end, and the use of them is often a weariness of the flesh for the student. Yet from time to time, fresh breezes blow life into the genre, and such is the case with The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown. Here we have […]

During a time when there are so many astonishing and confusing things being claimed about the Bible, this volume brings exceptional clarity and careful scholarship to the task of introducing the New Testament. The authors not only provide the reader with a solid orientation to every NT book, but they also directly address a broad […]

“Köstenberger, Kellum, and Quarles have written a very useful introduction to the New Testament for beginning college and seminary students that provides an up-to-date survey of the individual books of the New Testament as well as succinct and helpful essays on the nature of Scripture (canon, text, inspiration), backgrounds (historical, political, and religious), the life […]

The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown is a comprehensive and informative introduction  to the New Testament. Written from a convictional evangelical perspective, this marvelous volume carefully interacts with the most up-to-date issues in modern scholarship. This well-written textbook invites students to grasp the meaning of the various books of the New Testament in their […]

“The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown sets a new standard for excellence among textbooks dealing with New Testament Introduction. In addition to the usual matters associated with general and special introduction relative to the discipline, this book offers a veritable gold mine of information often found only in several texts. The authors’ exhaustive research […]

“Clear, thorough, up to date, and engaging all the contemporary alternatives people are putting forward. Not only that, but this book is discerning and judicious. What more could one want from an NT Introduction? Well done and highly recommended.” —Darrell L. Bock Research Professor of New Testament Dallas Theological Seminary Dallas, TX

“The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown rightly takes its place among the standard works in the field of New Testament Introductions. It is simply an outstanding work. Its up-to-date research alone makes it an invaluable resource. Add to this its comprehensive survey of the crucial issues related to New Testament studies and you have […]