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Guardian of the Flame is the third in Higley’s Seven Wonders series. Part romance, part suspense, and part political novel, it defies a standard categorization. I have reviewed several inspirational novels for HNS and found this to be a cut above most. I enjoyed Higley’s retelling of the Beauty and the Beast myth in the […]

Guardian of the Flame by T.L. Higley is a Seven Wonders novel that takes you back in history to 48 BC. Sophia is the keeper of the famous lighthouse of Alexandria Egypt and her former student Cleopatra, Greek Queen of Egypt has the power to change history. If you love history, then you’ll love this […]

Set in Alexandria Egypt, 48 BC Guardian of the Flame is truly like no other book I have read. A book that will grab you, lead you to a comfy chair and keep you there first page to the last page. Truly a fascinating book.  Sophia, a woman of great tragedy, loosing her husband and […]

T L Higley’s third instalment in her Seven Wonders series, Guardian of the Flame has left me in the same state as Shadow of Colossus and City of the Dead ~ bleary eyed from reading way into the night and deeply satisfied from a fascinating journey to another place and time. Combining exceptional writing, accurate […]

“T.L. Higley has done it again! Guardian of the Flame has the strong characters, rich description, and attention to historical accuracy that have become her hallmarks. Many series begin to go downhill after the first book or two, but Higley’s Seven Wonders novels keep getting better.”  Rick Acker, author of Dead Man’s Rule and Blood […]

Guardian of the Flame weaves history into a completely absorbing tale that doesn’t let the reader go even after the last page is turned. The Seven Wonders of the World, and the people whose lives are intertwined with them, come alive in this imaginative, engrossing series. I can’t wait for the next one!   Janelle […]