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“One of the things I enjoyed about the book, outside of its scholarly credentials, was its tone. This is not just another book bashing the ECM but rather a careful critique of various aspects and persons in the movement. The chapters cover a whole range of topics such as evangelism, preaching, Christology, salvation, hermeneutics, truth, […]

No current topic can draw a crowd quite like a discussion of the Emergent Village and the Emerging Church Movement. Confusion still exists surrounding the theological issues raised by various pastors/theologians in coalitions surrounding everything from the doctrine of Scripture to the way people comprehend truth. In this compilation of essays by leading theologians, Greenway […]

“Chuck Lawless and Jim Shaddix assess the Emerging views of evangelism, advocating some of the positive aspects of the movement while critiquing others in light of Scripture.” “Overall, I heartily recommend Evangelicals Engaging Emergent for being an evangelical contribution to the conversation that actually lives up to its title.” Read the entire review at Kingdom People…

For too long those of us who have studied the emerging church have had to choose between the voices of effective practitioners and those of careful theologians. Evangelicals Engaging Emergent changes that trend. This work gives a fair, sympathetic look toward the strategies of those trying new things to reach a postmodern culture, but through […]

“Few issues are as incendiary and as confusing to contemporary Christians as those related to the so-called ’emerging church.’ In this volume, a diverse group of evangelical Christians look at this discussion in detail. Any Christian interested in this ongoing converstation should start with this book.” Russell D. Moore Dean, School of Theology Senior Vice […]

“What are the real issues that really do matter in the Emergent Church? Drs. Henard and Greenway have done the Church a great service in answering questions that really matter in the Evangelical Church that must be past to the next generation.”   Johnny Hunt President, Southern Baptist Convention Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, […]

This collection of brilliant essays is a must read for contemporary church leaders and thoughtful Christians.  The essays critique both the strengths of the “doctrinally friendly” stream of the Emergent toward culture sensitivity and the weakness of the “doctrinally wary/averse stream’s” penchant toward moral, biblical and theological relativism. The essays are thought-provoking, thoughtful, well-researched, judicious and […]

The so-called “emerging church” has now become a major focus of evangelical attention–and for good reason.  This new movement presents a significant challenge to evangelical Christianity in this generation, and it both deserves and demands a fair and thoughtful consideration.  Bill Henard and Adam Greenway and their team of writers provide us all a much-needed […]