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Love’s First Light illuminates a dark time in history while directing readers to the true source of light in everyone’s life. Author Jamie Carie knows how to bring the principles of the past to today’s readers in a relevant and riveting tale. Advertisements

I loved everything about Scarlett & Christophé’s story ~ the location, the historical setting, the characters, their interaction and the circumstances that led them together. You won’t find colourless, stilted interaction in a Jamie Carie novel, her characters are vibrant, full of passion and angst in equal measure, as they face tragedy in the turbulent […]

Action, passion, murderous plots and interesting twists pervade everyone’s time in Paris. Old friends reunite, as do old enemies. Scarlett’s baby is born in Robespierre’s home. Christophé is caught by his enemy and nearly killed, but rescued by an unlikely heroine. And one thought dead is very much alive. Through it all, Jamie Carie’s attention […]

Review for Love’s First Light   I love the setting and the plot of this book. The 18th century France, is a subject I have never read about before and it was fun to get to know some of the issues that people faced at that time. I worried that I would be overwhelmed reading […]

I really liked the gentleness of this story. You could feel the raw emotions that both Christophe St. Laurent and Scarlett were going through. They each were fighting a different battle where with the help of each other they could overcome them. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I would like this book. Luckily […]

“There is something raw and achingly beautiful about Jamie Carie’s writing. Jamie takes history and brings it to your heart and mind with words and phrases that wring the emotion out of you and leave you hungry for more. Love’s First Light will release from B&H Publishing in July, and I want to urge everyone […]