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Merida encourages the reader to contend for the gospel. There are many who seek to pervert the truth of the Word of God and it is the job of the preacher to contend against these things through clear, specific, well informed, and apologetic preaching of the Word. So much more could be said, and while no […]

“Tony Merida has provided a resource that will prompt the next generation of preachers to preach God’s Word faithfully. They will be inspired to take their work in the pulpit seriously, and the seasoned preachers passing the baton of biblical exposition along to them will be eager to share a copy of Faithful Preaching with […]

“The glory of God is the goal of preaching, and Tony Merida has sounded a call for a new generation of preachers to be faithful to the purpose God has entrusted to them. Faithful Preaching balances the theological acumen of a professor, the practical advice of a pastor, and the personal warmth of a man […]

“Tony Merida is serious about raising up a new generation of faithful preachers.  In an age of weak and watered-down preaching, Merida is raising the bar for his generation to preach with power and conviction the Word of God.  Whether you are a seasoned pastor who needs some encouragement, or a student of preaching beginning […]

“Tony Merida has a reputation across the country for the weightiness of his ministry, and the power of his proclamation. This book will show you why the reputation is deserved. More importantly, this book will show you what Tony’s learned about how to speak for God, as one who has authority and not as one […]

“During my last years at New Orleans Seminary, God gave me the privilege of rubbing shoulders with a unique group of young preachers – humble young men who displayed a passion for biblical preaching, right theology and God’s global mission. Tony Merida was part of that group. Now he’s put his holistic heartbeat in print […]

“Faithful Preaching: A Call to the Next Generation of Preachers is a wonderful book that is rightly titled.  For indeed, in this excellent work, Tony Merida has trumpeted a bold call for faithful expositional preaching. This splendid contribution to the field of preaching will prove to be immensely helpful not only to college and seminary […]

“Tony Merida has given a clarion call for the renewal of expositional preaching among the rising generation of ministers.  I am gratefully encouraged that this word has gone out from such a faithful practitioner of the craft, and I pray that it will be heeded by old and young alike.  May God raise up a […]

“Tony Merida wants to encourage a new generation of preachers to embrace the power and warmth of expository preaching that is true to the text, true to the Gospel and directed at real life.  Faithful Preaching: A Call to the Next Generation of Preachers honors the generations that have preceded while helping to prepare the […]