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This book is essential reading because it challenges us to try looking at the Mosaic Law through the lens of the New Testament. Take a peek – It is liberating. Peter Sanlon Read the entire review (PDF) Advertisements

One of the limitations of much previous study [of the covenant in Paul] has been the failure to advance discussion methodologically. In that respect alone, Jason Meyer’s work is to be warmly welcomed. By taking up and developing the kind of approach that opens up, rather than closes down, possibilities, Meyer shows that there is […]

In this careful study, Jason Meyer decisively shows that the “newness” of the “new covenant” is that of the age-to-come and the eternal life that God has brought into this world through Jesus Christ alone. The implications of this truth for the life of churches, for Christian preaching, and for Christian living are inestimable. I […]

 To read Jason Meyer’s The End of the Law is to enter into the thrill of seeing the abundance of grace and power God has unleashed through his radical new covenant in Christ and the Spirit.  …  To see the new covenant for what it is—God’s answer in Christ and the Spirit to the intransigent […]

Dr. Meyer’s synthesis of Paul’s theology of the old and new covenants is grounded in careful and thorough exegesis of Paul’s writings, is clearly expressed, and is informed by the most recent research on the subject. The book provides a helpful model for guiding others in the task of developing a truly biblical theology. … […]

 One of virtues of this work is its elegant clarity. Meyer defines terms succinctly and clearly, so that readers are not lost in a forest of obscurity. Even more important, Meyer advances his case with in-depth and convincing exegesis. NT scholars are known for their exegetical skills, but Meyer’s exegesis is coupled with theological rigor […]

For the last forty years of my ministry no biblical issue has proved more recurrent or more vexing than the nature of the Mosaic law as it relates to the gospel and the New Covenant. … The pastoral implications for how you preach the gospel, aim at sanctification, comfort strugglers, give assurance, and admit people […]