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Other reviews have highlighted the similarities between this book and a certain little bestseller, but I will just come out and say it: Rooms is better than The Shack. It probes theological ideas in a way that doesn’t leave you confused and scratching your head, but instead examining your heart. Reviewed by James Andrew Wilson […]

Rooms is being touted as another great among Christian allegories, such as Dinner with A Perfect Stranger or The Shack. I believe it will be the Twenty-first Century’s Hind’s Feet on High Places or Pilgrim’s Progress. Following Micah’s journey of discovery is an eye-opening – or perhaps I should say a soul-stirring – experience. As […]

Rubart’s novel takes an amazing, unique look at God. Although the story is fast paced, the author leaves room for contemplation and deeper examination into the reader’s own faith journey. Readers will relate to the main characters and draw parallels. —Melissa Parcel

Looking for a workout for you heart and mind?  A novel that will challenge your motivations and the way you live your life?  Grab yourself a copy of James Rubart’s Rooms and prepare to confront your deepest desires and impulses. Rooms is the compelling story of software prodigy Micah Taylor who is forced to face […]

  “Rooms is an extraordinary read. It’s a time- and mind-bending exploration of regret and redemption, expertly crafted by a new and talented author. Part The Screwtape Letters, part The Shack, and all James Rubart’s fresh, authoritative voice, Rooms manages to at once entertain and stir thoughts about how our temporal decisions affect us for […]

Wow… Really…Wow!  James Rubart hooked me immediately in his fascinating, awesome novel, Rooms! If you want to read the whole review you can find it here: