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Bottom line: David Alan Black has managed to write a Greek textbook [Learn To Read New Testament Greek] that even a novice with absolutely no skills in this area (like myself) can enjoy and profit greatly from. It’s hard to imagine a better book for the beginning student of the language of the New Testament. I’ve […]

Most biblical Hebrew grammars currently available on the market introduce the features of biblical Hebrew through a traditional grammar-translation approach. Garrett & DeRouchies’s grammar adopts this traditional approach. The authors supplement the Textbook with ancillary materials on a CD, on a website, and with a fabulous Workbook of exercises… Garrett and DeRouchie have produced a […]

“MGBH does succeed in providing a wealth of information, making it one of the most thorough introductory grammars on the market.  All in all, Garrett and DeRouchie have put together a nice grammar and should be commended for their work.” Adam Couturier Read the entire review here…