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“In her second Seven Wonders novel, T. L. Higley transports the reader to Ancient Egypt and the wonder of the Great Pyramids that stand to this day. Her research is impeccable, and I was completely immersed in the culture of the day and the political posturing of Pharoah Khufu, a man who believed he was […]

“T. L. Higley’s City of the Dead brings the long-lost past wonderfully alive. The mystery at the heart of this tale will keep you guessing until the final pages. Though the characters are drawn from a remote time and place, their dreams and passions are as contemporary as this very moment. City of the Dead […]

“City of the Dead, the second of T. L. Higley’s Seven Wonders novels, is the story of the man who oversees the building of Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Higley once more gives readers a fascinating and too-seldom-offered glimpse into one of the greatest achievements of antiquity. This series is a wonder in itself.”  —DeAnna Julie Dodson, […]

“Captivating! With vivid characters and a spellbinding plot, T.L. Higley’s City of the Dead kept me mesmerized from cover to cover. I heartily recommend this book for anyone looking for can’t-put-it-down fiction in an exotic, fascinating setting. I’m eagerly looking forward to more from this exciting author.” —Marlo Schalesky, author of If Tomorrow Never Comes […]

“City of the Dead is a fascinating tale of deadly secrets that lead to multiple murders in ancient Egypt. With characters fascinatingly real, this is an absorbing thriller you won’t want to put down.”  —Sharon K. Souza, author of Lying on Sunday

“T. L. Higley masterfully evokes the sights, sounds and society of ancient Egypt while weaving a powerful story of buried secrets, bizarre murders, unexpected love, and undeserved forgiveness. City of the Dead is a book to savor.”  —Rick Acker, author of Blood Brothers and Dead Man’s Rule has posted an enthusiastic review of T. L. Higley‘s new novel, City of the Dead. It says: “Story teller par excellence, T.L. HIGLEY transports the reader into the revived world of Ancient Egypt within the City of the Dead. Hemiunu or Hemi, is the main character of this exciting read.  As the main architect […]