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“We have realized that for students to become true disciples, they must themselves become concerned and active disciplers of the nations. If this generation will be influenced and developed toward, engaged in, and assessed for growth unto a global vision and life, God will raise them up to change the lives of whole tribes, communities, […]

“If you are involved at all in missions, discipleship, youth ministry, college ministry – you would be wise to pick up this book. This will help strengthen your argument for short term missions.” Kim Davidson Read the entire review here…

“That we need a Great Commission Resurgence in our time is virtually indisputable. But for change to come two things must happen: people must want to change, and they must be willing to pay the price.  In this outstanding compilation editors Lawless and Greenway have given to the church a book I find both compelling […]

No current topic can draw a crowd quite like a discussion of the Emergent Village and the Emerging Church Movement. Confusion still exists surrounding the theological issues raised by various pastors/theologians in coalitions surrounding everything from the doctrine of Scripture to the way people comprehend truth. In this compilation of essays by leading theologians, Greenway […]

A better compendium on the history, sociology, methodology and theology of evangelism cannot be found. This book will solve many modern dilemmas surrounding issues such as the modern invitation; God’s sovereignty and human free will; and ministry contextualization. The research of this book—particularly data surrounding the changing North American scene—will be a great help to […]

Introduction to Evangelism is a text book written for the collegiate or seminary student who is serious about evangelism. Consequently, there are some “thick” parts that necessarily need to be “waded” through if being read by a non-seminarian. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is the convictional basis for evangelism. Even […]