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“Double Cross is an exhilarating inspirational investigative thriller starring a kick butt born again heroine who seeks redemption by being there for Kacey; just like their fathers were there for her when she most needed guidance, love and salvation. Ironically, the return of the mom is a new test for Taylor as she struggles to […]

I enjoyed this and thought it was a good sequel to Forsaken. Taylor is a very strong person but she also has quite a few issues, so it’s interesting to see how she handles things that come her way. The relationship between Taylor and her mother was quite interesting because her mother is quite a […]

Forsaken was one of my favourite stories of 2008 and James David Jordan has made the wait for another Taylor Pasbury tale well worth it in the sequel, Double Cross. Attracting trouble like a bee to honey, Taylor continues to struggle with the fallout from Simon Mason’s death while searching for an extortionist and caring […]

The author’s intense, suspenseful writing, filled with unforeseen plot twists and turns, leads to an unexpected, but satisfying ending that leaves the reader wanting more.   –Gail Welborn

Double Cross by James David Jordan Taylor Pasbury, has a history. A violent history. Only 29 and raised by a father who was a former Special Forces Officer, abandoned by her mother at nine, Taylor’s life has not been easy. Her father was murdered when she was only seventeen and she was alone. All the […]

James David Jordan has penned two other novels prior to Double Cross. Mr. Jordan has degrees in law and journalism and an MBA from the University of Illinois. Currently he works as a business attorney in the greater Dallas, Texas area where he is generally well received. He has a wife and two children. (Back […]

The Suspense Zone has named Forsaken by James David Jordan as its October 2008 Book of the Month. “Don’t miss this book!” writes reviewer Susan Sleeman. Read the entire review here.

Novel Review has posted an enthusiastic account of Forsaken, the new novel by James David Jordan wherein a popular televangelist is faced with a seemingly impossible ultimatum: to renounce his Christian beliefs on international television in order to free his daughter who has been kidnapped by Muslin extremists. “I found myself holding my breath . […]

RelzReviewz has posted a review and interview for James David Jordan‘s acclaimed new novel, Forsaken. The site declares: “I have read many enthralling suspense novels, enjoyed meaningful love stories and delved into books that challenge my thinking and purpose but never has a novel combined all three elements, and with such adeptness, as Forsaken. (This) […]

The September 2008 issue of BookPage says James David Jordan‘s new international thriller Forsaken (B&H Publishing Group) “is a highly readable book, and (main character) Taylor Pasbury is a character who is worth another visit.” The novel tells of a troubled former Secret Service agent who is hired to protect the world’s most famous televangelist. […]