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Powers by John B. Olson is the sequel to Shade, but you don’t need to read that volume to be completely hooked by this compelling thriller. Mariutza has been raised in seclusion by her grandfather, taught to fight, to use her mental abilities to outwit the enemy, and to fear the outside world. But when […]

CBA Retailers & Resources has reviewed John B. Olson‘s new supernatural thriller Shade. The review says: “Shade is a story that will captivate your imagination and make you wonder about things that go bump in the night! . . . I’d recommend this intriguing story of romance and supernatural intrigue to all who enjoy a […]

RelzReviewz has posted an enthusiastic review of John B. Olson‘s new supernatural thriller, Shade: “Be prepared to bend your mind in more ways than one as you delve into the harrowing journey of Hailey, Melchi and their battle with evil. Shade is chock full of action, terror, mind games and tender emotion as John B […]

The Christian Manifesto gives John B. Olson‘s new supernatural thriller, Shade, a great review, saying: “John B. Olson offers up a fresh and surreal tale beautifully set in the streets of San Francisco. On the surface Shade is a mysterious tale laced with vampire themes and supernatural thrills. However, just when we think we know […]

“Christian fiction is coming out of the box, and leading the way are authors such as John B. Olson. His soon to be released thriller takes the genre of suspense and supernatural fiction to an entirely new level, and it works . . . This isn’t one for the ‘Big Honkin’ Chicken Club,’ but if […]

“Shade is chock full of action, terror, mind games and tender emotion . . . I am more than a little intrigued with where (author) John B. Olson will take this series.” RelzReviewz

“From its stunning first scene to its heartwarming last, Shade is a striking tale of mystery and danger that kept me hooked. This is Olson’s finest work yet, and reading it, one gets the feeling he’s just getting warmed up.” –Robin Parrish, author of Relentless and Merciless