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“It takes a while to really get into the story. It’s not boring, there’s just a lot of that you have to see through Birdie’s eyes first before delving deeper. This book is not a fast read, but it’s one to savor. I feel that it will touch many readers and pull some heartstrings. Perfect […]

From Surviving the Chaos Blog:  “The more I read Patti Hill’s The Queen of Sleepy Eye, the more wonderful the book was. It wasn’t just some surface ditty. It was meaty and excellent. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it. And in case you didn’t notice, I don’t say that often.”

Seeing Things is a delight for the senses. Patti Hill is gifted with the ability to provide a colorful illusion with words, in which I could see better through the eyes of an older woman with macular degeneration than I can see through my own eyes. The story is honest about family struggles, filled with […]

“Quirky yet powerfully emotional. Amy’s mother is outrageous, but it is also poignant how her daughter strives to understand her. This novel is a gem for all women’s fiction lovers!” —Camy Tang, author of Only Uni and Single Sashimi

“This book captured me from the first page! In every way, it’s a keeper—from the eloquent writing to the rich cast of characters that breathe life into this coming-of-age tale. But it’s more than just a story about growing up; it’s about life and loss, love and forgiveness, and discovering that there is more to […]

“Few stories are able to balance both the crushing cost of sin and the transforming power of grace. The Queen of Sleepy Eye succeeds brilliantly. The author invites us on a journey with complex characters so real that we cry when they fail and rejoice when they reveal brilliant glimpses of God at work in […]

“The Queen of Sleepy Eye is written with exquisite depth of character . . . a fantastic story.” —Hannah Alexander, author of the Hideaway series